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Our Multi Feeds Platform is a self serve solution enabling retailers, marketing managers and digital agencies the ability to take control of their datafeed campaigns. The platform is designed to simplify the process of optimizing and submitting product data feeds to any online marketing channel required.


We are all about improving a clients exposure, reach and performance, so within a few clicks clients can advertise their offers on any channel they want, saving them huge amounts of time and effort.


The Multi Feeds platform continually learns and optimises data to improve the quality of the datafeeds generated which in turn improves the customer reach and performance.


Many retailers do not have the time, or understanding on how to generate high quality datafeeds or optimize them without having to amend the data on their website or rely heavily on their IT or web developers.

Improve your Data Feed Quality

No Tech Background Required

Easy To Use Interface

All Data File Formats Supported

All Marketing Channels Available

Multi Country Targetting

Product Level Tracking Online Reporting

Campaign Optimisation

24/7 Support

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Our platform has been designed to make life easier for our clients. It understands the information it is provided from the client when they import their data feed. It then automatically searches for specific data held in its database to enhance the data feed exports that are required. This saves our clients time, effort and money and ensures the data is content rich and high quality.

​Multi Feeds Auto Mapping

Our system will automatically recognise what category your products need to be categorised to on the channel you want to advertise on. The Multi Feeds Platform has been built to understand each channels taxonomy and which products should be mapped to them.

With over a million different titles, descriptions and products within our database our clients will save huge amounts of time by not having to map their products to each marketing channels category.

Multi Feeds Auto Feed Spec

Our platform contains almost every marketing channel that requires a datafeed to advertise the offers on. It understands that columns can be named differently from a clients datafeed to how they are named at the marketing channel and knows what the column should be named to ensure the datafeed meets the marketing channels specification.


Multi Feeds Automatic Recognition

The Multi Feeds platform has been built to understand the data that clients import into it. It will search for specific keywords within its database to enable it to pre populate a clients data feed that is required. This includes colors, sizes, material, patterns, and much more. Our platform continually learns so its knowledge increases to enable it to provide the highest quality data feeds possible.